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Awarded entry (EUR 15,000)

Manuel Lodi, Architect, Danilo Cupioli, Architect, Paola Pilotto, Architect, Rizzo Silvia, Architect, Dino Bonadias, engineer, Marco Rasimelli, engineer, Salvatore Corliano, engineer, Stefano Galli, archtiect, Maurizio Scarciglia, architect.
Consultants: Dusan Persic, Elisa Ventura, Federico Ventura, Maria Mholin, Gabriele Pisani, Elungo Vulanem, Kuno Mayer, Dott. Arch. Stefano Galli, Dott. ssa Arch. Enrica Rasimelli, Dott. Arch. Mirko Lo Faro, Dott. Ing. Gianfranco Vanni, Dott. Ing. Luca Bragetta, Dott. Ing. Enrico Coluzzi, Dott. ssa Ing. Giuseppina Paoni, Dott. Ing. Valerio Mastroianni, Dott. Geol. Stefano Piazzoli, Dott. Ing. Luigi Spinozzi, Dott.ssa Ing. Maria Gabriela Sorci Dott. Ing. Marco Galazzo, Dott. Ing. Numa Tondini, Dott. Ing Luigi Iovine, Dott. Ing. Daniele Azzaroli, Dott. Ing. Leonardo Ciarapica, Dott. Ing.Pasquale Lospennato, Geom. Danilo Bellavita, Geom. Maurizio Cirimbilli, geometra, Geom. Carlo Rosi, Arch. Maurizio Scarciglia.
Genova, Italy

The Jury's Remarks
The premise of this proposal is the division of Vatnsmýri into relatively large parcels, each with an assigned function. The parcels are substantial in size and flexible to accommodate changing requirements and phasing. The plan encourages a diversity of scale, grain and form over time. It is a challenging concept of urban generation but the framework upon which it based is less convincing in its ability to control the intended ad-hoc development.

Reykjavik City Planning Committee