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Awarded entry (EUR 15,000)

Architects: NEKTON Design

Project Directors:
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson, AA dipl BA (hons) – Architect, Jeff Turko, AA dipl- Architect SBA
Project Urbanists:
Sibyl Trigg, Dip Arch, B.Arch - Urban Designer, Dagmar Sirch , MsC, Dip Arch, BsC (hons) - Urban Designer


Engineers: Buro Happold
Andy Murdoch, Bsc Eng Beng(Hons) Ceng MICE Pr Eng MSAICE, João de Campos Cruz, Msc DIC MA Arq(Hons) OASRN
Landscape Architects: CRAFT:PEGG:
Paula Craft, BArch March(Harvard) RIBA John Pegg, Bsc MA MLA(Harvard) MLI
Environmental Engineer: System Science
Dr. Hördur V. Haraldsson PhD

The Jury's Remarks
The proposal presents an urban grid that is integrated with the adjacent areas, infrastructure and topography. By setting elaborate rules that control building typologies and block structure throughout the area a strong and uniform identity is created for the development of Vatnsmýri. However considering the timescale of the development and the need for flexibility and readjustment such a tight-knit system is considered forced and unnecessarily complex.

Reykjavik City Planning Committee