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Awarded first rank entry (EUR 40,000)

Jean-Pierre Pranlas-Descours, Christine Dalnoky, Ove Arup - Paris, France

The Jury's Remarks
This proposal has been considerably developed and augmented since phase 1 of the competition and its strength lies in a clear and flexible island strategy. The islands are presented as a mirror of the parcelled growth of the capital region while simultaneously capturing a memory of the airport. The consolidation of environmentally conscious urban fabric into dense islands allows the free flow of the green belt from the city centre to Fossvogur and opens views from the heart of Vatnsmýri to the sea. The parts are joined by an extensive network of routes for all modes of transportation including a new rail system. Phasing of the development is easy and the grain of the blocks and size of the islands could conceivably be adjusted to suit changing circumstances. The cost of this freedom is a relatively low built density but that does not dilute the importance of this vision to the Vatnsmýri debate.

Reykjavik City Planning Committee