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Awarded first rank entry (EUR 60,000)

Graeme Massie, Stuart Dickson, Alan Keane, Tim Ingleby - Edinburgh, UK

The Jury's Remarks
The presentation panels and supporting documentation of this proposal are clear and comprehensive and offer a convincing response to the requirements of the brief. The scheme has the qualities required as a starting point for the future development of Vatnsmıri. The civic garden, Hjómskálagarğurinn is extended southwards and a new pond established as the focus of Vatnsmıri surrounded by an array of new buildings. The principal development of housing, offices and clusters of public and educational buildings is in a strip between the extended parallels of Baronstígur and Snorrabraut from Şingholt to Fossvogur. A diagonal axis cuts this strip and connects it directly to the city centre. Additional housing is on the flanks of Öskjuhliğ and north of Skerjafjörğur and the University of Iceland campus is extended to the new pond. The scheme is further underpinned by a thorough environmental strategy, phasing possibilities and the integration of long views. The urban fabric, especially on the coastal edge and the eastern housing is diagrammatic and transport not fully resolved but scheme appears to be robust enough to accommodate further developments that address these and other external realities.

Reykjavik City Planning Committee